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"I'm 60 Years Old, And I Chose Never To Be Married Nor Have Children" Retired Teacher Reveals

A 60-year-old Retired teacher has revealed why she chose not to marry or even have children until she dies.

For those who are curious about why Beatrice chose not to marry, she explained everything in detail, saying that she made the decision from the button of her heart out of her own free will so that she might devote her life to helping others and so serve God by doing so. 

That was her reason and her choice asks people to respect her decision and stop condemning her and feeling pity for her.

She tells her story of how the man she loved let her down, and she was left in an amusing scenario, which Beatrice recalls in a tearful manner. The man was supposed to pay a visit to her parents to seek her hand in marriage and then they could decide whether or not to continue dating. But he didn't come up, so she and her family were humiliated.

She came to the conclusion that all men were liars at this point and had to stay away from them. While Beatrice continued to be unmarried, she kept herself busy serving God as a church Lay Reader at an Anglican Church in her neighborhood. 

There are some things we do that can influence others negatively. Beatrice was betrayed by a man she trusted and thought they would have ended up together because they were engaged, but her man decided to run away on the day he was supposed to come see her parents. 

Now Beatrice believes all men are liars just because one man dumped her. She has sworn not to get married nor have children because she doesn't trust men again.

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