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Exposed: Secrets and traits of highly intelligent people. You can also be.

  1. Sarcasm & Dark Humor - Intelligent people are often using sarcasm or dark humor as a way to deal with the people around them and the feelings they give them as they often do not feel understood in their point of view.
  2. Look for Solutions - Problems exist everywhere, but instead of wondering about what caused the problem they look at how to fix it. Offense > Defense.
  3. Stay Clear - Simplicity, Clarity, and being direct. Does this matter? Yes or No? Are you happy? Yes or No? Is this enough? Yes or No?
  4. Know why - There is no point in doing something for no reason. Intelligent people do not just rush in. They have a plan before they move and when they move they do so with purpose.
  5. Late Sleepers - A lot of intelligent people prefer the silence of the night over the early hours of the morning.
  6. Belief in the approach - It may be wrong, but intelligent people invest in their approach as though it were right anyway. They are more likely to completely change their plans before they question themselves on their choices.
  7. Burnout, Depression & Mental Illness - Because of their ideals, self-belief and lack of being understood intelligent people are more prone to mental illnesses as they push harder and further, causing more backlash to themselves than most. This backlash grows into negativity as they think themselves capable of handling it themselves; it often leads to a silently suffering life.
  8. Task Priority over Feeling Priority - For example, staying up late to get things done. What matters is not how one feels in the moment, but the overall experience. For this reason they will do what is necessary over what feels good.
  9. Obsession over something - There is something in their life they have sunk in thousands of hours and continue to sink in hours and hours and hours to the point of obsession.
  10. Creative Outlet - Art, Music, Design, Writing, Poetry. Intelligent people often have an outlet for their creativity, boosting their ability to see the world in a different perspective.
  11. Success in their Field - When successful people do not receive the backlash that can lead to increased negativity in their lives they go up in their field. And because they push so fervently they are rewarded.

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