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4 Hard Truth About Tough Times In Relationship

There are a lot of tough times which mostly happen in all relationships. But unfortunately when people are in love, they don't consider some of these red flags in the relationship. But at the end of it, it brings disappointment and tears.

In my article I want to write about four of such tough times in relationships.

1. Jealousy isn’t a maker of love

Most of the time when couples find out that the partner is a jealous type, he or she takes it as a form of love. But jealousy has nothing to do with Love.

Any relationship that is full of jealousy ends badly.

In relationships, true love is built on trust and respect for each other.

2. Cheating and lying are not “mistakes”

To live with a cheater is not easy as it involves toying your heart around due through pains and tears. But many partners know how to play the game of cheating very well to avoid being caught by the husband or wife.

Some also lie about everything that had to do with their marriage. And when they are caught, they complain that it’s a mistake. The truth is no cheating and marriage is a mistake.

It’s a well planned lifestyle of some people who cheaters.

3. Action Speaks Louder than words

Just as the heading goes when a person with no clothes promises to buy you clothes, just know that he or she is lying to you. 

If you are fortunate to be dating and not married, never worry yourself to start your marriage life with a person described above else your life will be mesmerized.

4. Not everyone knows how to offer support

Marriage is full of many ups and downs, adventures, and incredible memories with the person you love.

Yet some couples try their best to play their part to get the marriage going but his or her partner will just be reluctant.

All because not everyone in a relationship or marriage knows how to offer support.

Some think and work for themselves only but expect their spouses to help them when they are in need.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Please comment down there, share and kindly follow me.

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