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Ladies, There Are More Blessings In Having A Heavy "Tundra".

People admire God in many ways. One of them includes commending His works. Woman is the most effective traffic-directing tool to God's site. Just look at how creative they were made; the pretty faces, killer curves, massive front and back, all show God was not joking with this skill. Love it or hate it, big butt is not a bad thing. What people do not pay much attention to are that there are more reasons why every lady should prefer the heavy over flat "things".

Having a big bum is key when you want to be biologically attractive. Men cannot pretend you do not exist. The sight of a large woman's butt activates the reward regions of the male brain that are otherwise activated by drugs, alcohol, and food. It is no longer a secret most men prefer that trait in their lovers.

We can also talk about the cushion. You seriously do not want to fall on a flat butt; the pain alone cannot be quantified. Your big butt can save you from some bruises, fractures and, to an extend, paralysis. During pregnancy, things can become easier. A big butt can help you stay mobile during pregnancy by balancing the increasingly heavy weight of your baby belly, which can put tremendous strain on your spine.

Hunger does not really disturb you. Extra fat is stored in a big butt so when you do not eat for a while, it becomes an option to serve as fuel. That is a big plus. Since fat can be stored there, dangerous cholesterol levels in the inappropriate places lessens. This, in turn, saves you from some chronic illness.

Butt and thigh fat stores special omega-3 fatty acids. Some scientists believe that when you breastfeed, your body taps those stores to enhance your breast milk. Because babies need this particular kind of fat for brain, nervous system, and eye development, some biologist think that a bigger butt could translate to brighter kids.

There are more benefits in possessing a big butt, aside the sexual appeal we know of. Don't forget to Follow for more interesting contents.

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