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Husband and wife relationship

4 Things A Man Shouldn't Do: No 1 Is Chase After A Woman

Here are 4 things a man shouldn't do: 1. Chase after a woman. Never base your life around one single person that is not a sure thing, instead, you should be chasing your dreams and goals while trying to make a success of yourself.

2. Don’t brag about things you’ve done, instead let the things you’ve done speak for itself. Actions will always speak louder than words so keep that in mind.

3. Know when it's time to fight back.

There comes a point in life, where you can no longer expect others to solve a problem for you. If you can’t stand up for yourself, why should you expect others to? A man should know when it’s time to hit back. There’s never a reason to fight, until there is.

4. Your marriage should not always be a choice between your mother and wife.

Your mom is definitely the first woman in your life. But your wife is someone to be cherished and respected, too. A clear line should be drawn between the kind of relationship that you share with both of them. In case of a tussle take a neutral, just and impartial stand.

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