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Divorce Affair

Man Commits Suicide After Finding Out His Wife Was A Cheat - More Details

True love is something everyone wish for so far as marriage is concerned. It's incredible how much pressure society will place on you to have the perfect marriage, because if you don't succeed, you'll be left with nothing in life. Marriage does not decide who you are or how far you can go; if you really want to live your best life with your dream partner, there are other options! This isn't your only chance; you have the rest of your life to do it!! You Will Succeed If You Believe in Yourself. There's no need to kill yourself.

Kwame, a married man, committed suicide at Ohwim in the Ashanti Region, according to Angel News. The man could no longer bear the agony of his lover's affair with a new found girlfriend who had leased an apartment. According to Osei Kwadwo, Ashanti Regional Correspondent, the deceased's wife has a child with him.

The deceased attempted to resolve any misunderstandings with his lover amicably, but his attempts were futile because his wife was determined to leave because she had found a new husband. The deceased had been seen earlier in the day, but it was found a few hours later that he had committed suicide by suffocating himself with a sponge. The body was taken to the morgue and will be autopsied soon. Please comment, like, share and follow me for more interesting articles. Thank you.

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