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Some Guys Are Too Shy: 12 Tricks To Get A Shy Guy To Fall For You

You like him, he seems like the perfect man… but he's not even a millimeter close to you . If you have verified that he is a shy boy and you really want to get closer to him to get to know him better, we give you 12 tricks that do not fail to flirt.Not all men feel confident in taking the initiative. Also, the times when women had to sit around waiting for him to make the first move are long gone. So it's time to start dating yourself, yes, it is better if you follow these tips.

How to flirt with a shy guy

Shy men can be very attractive. They have an enigmatic, romantic and interesting aura . But there is a small problem with them: they do not usually take the initiative when meeting other people. Therefore, if you want to flirt with a shy boy, we give you 12 tricks that do not fail.

To get close to someone, the first thing to understand is that the basis of any approach must be respect and empathy . If at some point you perceive that this is being missed or the shy boy feels invaded, then it is best to stop. But if all goes well, then go ahead with the approach and ... who knows? Maybe it will be your next love.

1. Plan a chance meeting

The first thing you must achieve is that he finds out about your existence . If you have looked at him from afar but are not sure that he has seen you, the first step is to appear in his life, but yes, it has to be subtle and casual.

Before adding it to social media, think about how to approach it without seeming premeditated. If you have mutual friends, it will be easier to take that step. The goal is to cross at least a smile or a 'hello' and if possible, let him know your name, but nothing more.

2. Make use of social networks

If you already know each other a little or at least recognize your face, send a request to their social networks . But be careful, do not invade your posts with likes or comments. Keep a low profile and only occasionally appear in their networks in a pleasant way.

Remember that giving too many likes in a short time gives the feeling of invasion and intrusion. Shy kids are overwhelmed by so much attention, so it's best to slow down and stay calm. Of course, think about how it can be really worth it.

3. Don't push

With shy kids, the most important thing is not to push or go too fast . Also, you have to be sensitive to understand their reactions. If it is more distant and uncomfortable it is better to stop and go slower, but if on the contrary it begins to look more friendly, you have to continue.

But always without pressure. A shy personality usually responds to someone very cautious and even fearful. So if you do not feel safe, you will prefer to escape from the situation. That is why it is important not to push. If they've barely exchanged glances and likes, don't rush.

4. Find a topic of conversation

If you have already reviewed their networks a bit, you will know more or less their interests . This part is essential. If you think you might have something in common, then go ahead. Find a topic of conversation, preferably something that interests you as well.

You can casually mention something you've seen posted and follow the conversation. It will surely be easier if your attention is genuine and you also like the subject. Remember to be attentive to his reaction, if he is relaxed, you already have a hard time.

5. Ask him for help

Another way to boost your confidence is to ask him for help with something . In addition, this will provoke a rapprochement if it has not yet been fully realized. It is also a good way to get close to him and see if your presence is agreeable to him.

Find something where he can give you that help and ask for it without fear. Be nice when asking. In addition, you can tell him that you have thought of him to ask for that help because he is someone capable of doing it and also, he seems like a kind person.

6. Keep an interest in him

After you've talked a bit, let her know that you care about what she has to say . Without going too fast, whenever the situation arises, let him know that you paid attention to what he said and ask him about it.

What happened to the event you had? If you finished what you had pending? I saw you posted photos about what you told me. Questions and comments like that will make him feel like you're taking the time to be interested in him. Also remember to look him in the eye and keep a smile.

7. Be yourself

One of the most common mistakes when dating is pretending to be something we are not . Either out of fear of rejection or because we believe that adapting to the other person will be how they will take us into account, in the dating stage we cover up with a mask that does not correspond to us.

But there is no need for this. The best thing is to be open and congruent with who we are. This is without a doubt the best strategy to flirt with a shy guy. If you are sure of yourself, you transmit confidence and that, in turn, gives him security.

8. Non-verbal communication

The challenge of flirting with a shy guy is in non-verbal communication . Your posture should be relaxed, safe. This far from intimidating you more, gives you security. However, be careful not to appear aggressive or invasive with your non-verbal communication.

You must have a straight back, relaxed arms, a natural smile, calm but firm gestures. Avoid sudden movements, raise your voice too much to attract attention, and take care that your general posture is not leaning forward.

9. Give him his space

If you start to notice that your presence pleases him, keep moving calmly . It is important to give it your space. Depending on how shy you are, you may need to take a breather and physical distance to understand what you are feeling and not feel overwhelmed and nervous.

At this point many shy men decide to take the initiative or to be more bold. If they have felt comfortable and confident, after they have a little space, they usually reconnect.

10. Ask him out

Once you've gotten closer and you've talked a bit, ask him out . For some women this step makes them very nervous. Do not doubt that for them it is also usually something that makes them quite tense.

But relax and take the initiative. Tell him that you would like to talk to him and that you would like to invite him somewhere. Think of a date where both of you feel comfortable; preferably plan something casual and friendly to reduce tension.

11. Subtle physical approach

If you think it is time to make physical contact, you should start very subtly . Unless he takes the initiative and is already very confident, you better slow down and watch his reactions.

It begins with a touch of hands, greeting him with a kiss on the cheek, touching his shoulder. If both of you are comfortable with this, then you can go further. It is likely that at this point he will also seek to make that physical contact.

12. Give him compliments

Whenever the occasion presents itself, give him some compliments . Many shy men are like this because they have certain insecurities. If you recognize an achievement or quality in him, you will surely make him feel more secure and confident.

Surely you can notice how his face changes when you make a positive observation about him. This will also make him notice that you have taken an interest in him and this will give him confidence in you.

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