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Men Do This; If A Lady Always Ask Things From You

This article is not intended to condemn genders but information worth sharing.

Most young men of today can't stand the way, they are being used and dumped by females in the name of love which then turn sword stabbing their chest all day, and for some, years. 

Love is supposed to be real, fun, and very entertaining but today's generation has made it look weird, dangerous, and unattractive because of the games played by both genders. 

Ladies in question are the ones who play most of the games as they are being approached by men all the time which some use to their advantage by taking things from them which then turns into a habit.

Now here's a little advice to men, in the event you are giving out a lot to a lady, propose to her which will scare her off a little bit because she knows relationship entails a lot which and wouldn't want to risk her life for someone she doesn't love hence she will keep her distance.

I have tried this trick on three women and realize they are only after their wants and not in a relationship, after proposing.  

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