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Garden of Eden: Eve Did Not Eat The Apple, Here is The Whole Truth Finally

Initially Adam and Eve were completely unclad in the Garden of Eden. So each of us know what can happen when two opposite genders are in such a state.

But did you know that this expression is to mask. Since the Bible gives us certain details in the form of parables, and few people perceive the true message, than that of the text written in the Bible.

Normally the intercourse act is not bad at all. And so if after this act there is a conviction, it is because there are necessarily reasons and laws to apply before starting intercourse.

But as God had created them pure and undefiled, then nothing happened I suspect in the days when the Devil who expected a reaction that a normal man and a normal woman could feel, from which he did not. not hesitate to tempt them to commit a sinful act. God then drives Adam and Eve out of the garden and curses them.

So the problem is not the "apple" or the intercourse they committed, but who they ultimately obeyed. Know that, first of all, God forbade Adam and Eve to eat the apple. Then the Devil comes to lie to them on the same subject.

And when we are not faithful we take a shortcut which does not mean that our project or our objective is bad but that's how we get there.

Adam and Eve consulted the Devil to maintain intercourse, that is the harm. Today we are talking about marriage before intercourse. And so getting married can mean that we obey God before having any intercourse and that marriage is a step to be taken while remaining faithful.

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