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Guys, Wedding Will Be Sweet: See Ancient African wedding night customs you may not have heard of.

These wedding night customs are very sweet, enjoyable, and lovely though they may not be your everyday wedding night customs at a point in history, these were the norms of certain cultures in Africa. After often a long pre-wedding preparation, most marriages on the continent had to be sealed with some elaborate or somber rituals that differed from region to region or from tribe to tribe. Yet, they often came with in-depth meanings that were peculiar to the groups involved. Here are some wedding night rituals you may not have known about, do not forget to leave a comment behind:

1.Arranged marriages were the norm among the Swahili and often the would-be bride and groom do not see each other until the night of their marriage. These make the groom and the bride so eager to have themselves that night. This custom is believed to be a sign of childbirth in the marriage.

2.With this shared experience, couples learn the art of love-making and get used to each other. The newly wedded couple will then stay with the other couples for five days. On the last day, they are all presented to everyone in the village. This custom is mostly practiced in the northern part of African.

3.In Ethiopia, virginity is a big deal in society. After the formal introductions to the marriage, the payment of the bride price, followed by music and dance, the bride must prove her virginity on the wedding night or face the consequences. The act is sometimes very brutal because of the pain that inflicts on the woman. For me I do not agree with this, if they have to check the virginity of the woman, then what about the man? There should be equality or?

4.After all the wild celebrations that come with weddings in the country, a husband and wife would have to go home like any other night and wait for another day before they could spend the night together. This is a long waiting day for the groom and the bride as they can not wait to be in each other bosom as lovers and one family.

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