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Wedding planning scene

Secret tips that would spice up your wedding party

Congrats to all ladies and grooms who preparing to be get engaged officially. Celebrate your day with whole of lots of joy with unforgettable experience. But , hello ladies in court,let me you a secret. Do you know these secrets that would make your engagement an extraordinary.

These secret tips won't be told to you but you must find out. See them.

*Reception ; Your reception is where mostly guests get to score your marks. Whether your foods served were tasty??? Are your decorations or sitting attractive???. Do you have maximum preferable and enough sweetens or drinks to serve??? All these is checked out. But the most amazing is as the bride take an inch away . Meaning prepare something on your own for such a great day like this. Do this mainly for your husband to be. You can prepare his favourite food only for him to eat that day or buy a presentable gift for him to express your entire love for for him.

*Surprises to groom's relative; Note : A mother to a son sees herself as the only woman to take good care of her son. Here is the case , he is getting engaged to you, make the groom's mother feel the best mother in the whole world on your day. Present an awesome surprise to to the groom's mom. I tell you ,your husband would love more for this.

*Dancing: Ladies, it your day and you should show off all what you got .Dance very well to song you and husband love to cheer with and you will make your weeding party a memorable experience. Thanks for reading.

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