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Some things women do that scare men away

Thank you for clicking on my article. Hello everyone, welcome to another exciting article of mine. It seems the engagement on my relationship articles is more than the funny memes, so I would be posting more of this. As usual, kindly click on the follow button to be updated any time I post. 

Today’s post is based on what some women do to scare their men away. Yes, some actions do scare them away and make them not to be around you. I have gathered some and hope you would love them; 

1. Moving too fast:

Most men out there know what they want and how to get it. As a lady, you don’t need to push him to do things out of his own will. Hope you have heard the saying that when a man is deeply in love, he would do anything for his woman without her having to say the word. Love is a step by step procedure. During every step, the man would gradually access you and get to know more about you. He knows when the right time is and a woman must not rush things.

2. Being too available:

Let your man know that aside being with him, you have other plans with your life. The constant calling and nagging must reduce so as both of you can concentrate on your life goals. Don’t let him know that you cannot move on without him. Have some time apart, do all the things you have always wanted to do alone, and when you too get together, it is an amazing experience. You get enough to talk about and plan fun memories as well. 

3. Being bossy:

It is okay to tell your man to help you with some chores but never okay when you command him to do it. Love is a partnership, goes hand in hand. Never feel as though you are bringing more to the table than he is, even if it seems that way. Why do I say so? A woman leaves her father and mother to settle with her man as well as change her last name to his. You must learn how to compromise with one another on the same terms and not only on yours. 

4. Acting like you own him:

A little insecurity doesn’t hurt anyone but when it is overboard, it is just not right. Let your man know that you trust him enough to live his life separately from you. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. A man needs by his side a supportive and confident woman. 

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