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Four benefits of well-timed marriage

One of the happiest things that makes the heart of many single adults happy is when by grace they meet their Mr or Mrs right at the right time.

Again most people feel like they have gotten the right person to share ideas and issues of life and love with. 

This is the reason why when the majority of people fall in love afresh they mostly stop walking with certain old friends. This is because they think they have gotten someone they can share that which couldn't be shared with the other same sex friends.

Some significant others will be in a relationship for so many years yet they will go their various ways at the end because they will see a form of incompatibility with them.

Yet there are those who will take it from being boy girlfriends to being married couples. But before you take your relationship to that height, you need to do a well timed marriage arrangement.

And in my article, I want to write about the importance or benefit of a well timed marriage.

A well-timed marriage is the one which the couple had made adequate preparation in terms of physical, spiritual and financial before getting married. 

Which means that they have done all proper check up before bringing what they have shared into limelight. And when

These are some of the benefits often well time marriage :

1. Physical Attraction

Marriage is for better and for worse, which means that you are supposed to get married all the days of yourselves, all the days of your lives.

Due to this, partners should study and know themselves, understand themselves and love themselves very well before joining themselves together in Holy matrimony. This helps to tolerate each other in all ways and forms because you are used to each other.

2. Spiritual Affinity

Depending upon your spiritual know-how, partners need to be spiritually inclined when planning to tie the knot. So that when issues of the spirit tries to attack their marriage, the Lord will intervene for them. 

3. Financial liberation

When partners sit up and plan your marriage very well financially, thus putting things together well in terms of raising enough money for the marriage ceremony and celebrations it will not ruin them financially after their celebration. 

Because many couples after marriage have found themselves wanting all because of the high amount of debt they owe towards their marriage ceremony. This is to say couples should cut their coats according to the size of their cloth. Because marriage is not a competition but completion.

When you prepare yourselves well in these three ways, even though storms may come, problems may happen but because you have known yourselves well enough, you can easily overcome it.

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