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Husband and wife relationship

My Own Sister Is Now Pregnant For My Husband Because I Can't Give Birth - Woman Tells Sad Story

This is a story a woman who helped her own sister join her and her husband abroad to better her life told Tima Kumkum for her advice. She thought she was helping her sister but things turned out to be different. She is now pregnant for her sister's husband, because her sister could not bear a child.

I am 40 years old, and I’ve been married for 7 years with no child. My younger sister is 35 years old now, and I live with her outside the country with my husband. When I was young, I mean when I started life I had this boyfriend that I loved so much. Tima I met him in the University and we dated for 10 years.

Throughout the 10 years we had 6 abortions, and anytime I get pregnant the only true friend I had was my younger sister and I always confided in her. Since she’s a nurse she would bring me a drug, and I will take then in few minutes we will see my period. It was always in the first few weeks I find out so I thought no cause for alarm I didn’t even see it as abortion since the babies were all not formed.

Tima in our 10th year of dating my boyfriend left me for another woman, I was shattered but I got the pieces together and I met my husband that very month my boyfriend left me. A friend invited me for a mini drink up and we met. He showed so much interest in me so we started getting along. I realized he didn’t live in Ghana but was on a holiday. I kind of liked his vibe so we exchanged numbers.

Unfortunately, he was leaving in 3 days so I visited him a day before and we slept together. That was where the bond started. Tima I loved him so much that he made me forget all about my ex boyfriend. When he returned outside the country, we used to talk every single day on his way to work and on my way to work too. Our time zones were different but we managed to keep in touch always.

Fast forward in 6 months we were so attached to each other that I had no option than to break the news to my sister and my mum, they were super happy I finally found someone. Tima we got married after a year of knowing each other and trust me I’ve never regretted marrying my husband. He moved me to his location after 2 years so I’ve been with him outside the country for 5 years.

"hhhmm" now this is where the story begins. Since my sister is a nurse, my mother convinced me into trying to move her to the country we live in so life would be better for her too. Tima I love my sister so much so I did, initially my husband didn’t like the idea but I convinced him and finally by Gods Grace we were able to move her to join us.

Tima as I’m talking to you now my sister is pregnant for my husband. And the worst of it all is my blood sister told my husband about my 6 abortions and even said that’s why I can’t get pregnant. Tima I’ve been to hospitals with my husband, I’ve been examined and they all said I’m okay, so was just waiting on God. Now my mother, I mean the woman that gave birth to me says I should leave the marriage for my sister and look for another man.

Tima all seems like a dream to me now. My husband wants a divorce and I just don’t know what to do. My sister lives in my house, and now my husband has moved to the guest room to join her because he says he needs to be with her. I feel like dying please help me, how can my own sister do this to me? what do I do?

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