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"Depressed" - I Look Smaller Than My Age And That Has Turned Most Guys Off

It's indeed great to love yourself first and everything else fall in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Looking depressed is such a bad feeling and I don't want anybody should ever go into such situation. My name is Akua and I'm 28 years. I'm indeed very beautiful and cute. I work as a nurse in one of the government hospitals in the community so I might say I earn a substantial income at the end of every month. At a very tender age, It was the joy of parents to have such a beautiful girl who is gradually and gracefully grooming into womanhood.

I'm very hardworking and I can do anything possible to keep a man to love me. In as much as I have all this enviable qualities of a woman, I have been experiencing recent heartbreaks that has rendered me emotionally paralyzed. I look smaller than my age. I've met several guys on social media who decided to date me and after coming into contact with the real, they have a change of mindset.

My recent episode ended two months ago where I met a guy on facebook, he was very interesting and calm. We used to call each other and spend several hours on phone. Since distance has tore us apart, a day never passed by without talking to him. I usually send him money during his birthday or when he has run out of cash just to have him by my side. I did everything possible to keep him before anything else could proceed.

We decided to meet at the restaurant and immediately I saw him, I called and alerted him I was the one standing near a table. He just approached me and after spending some few minutes with him, he gave a flimsy excuse and left me. He never called back and had blocked me on all social media handles.

Please is there any medicine I can take to add a little weight. I'm emotionally paralyzed and depressed, I yiur help.

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