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Call them healers of wounds. Meet the models who are causing confusion among men

Lovely are sensational names given to women with huge body sizes; big front sizes, backsides, and hips. Over the years many have come out with names or words to describe ladies who are blessed with huge body parts. Some of which are; the kings, the rulers, Adam's apple, goddess, and so many and today, there has been a certain name that men now used to describe these ladies with charming bodies, "Healers Of Wounds". According to some men now, women carries the healing powers now as when a lady with a huge backside or heavy chest (Breast) passes by, the sick person on the sickbed tries to take a look or stand from the sickbed to have a look at what is passing by and even engulf in smiles forgotten of being sick. To these men, the sick at that moment get heal of their sickness even though it seems a short time of healing.

The name "healers of wounds" has made some men also say that not only does it heal the sick but heals emotionally. To them, a lot of men now are free from their wounded hearts and emotional challenges due to the beautiful and gorgeous things possess by our charming and beautiful ladies and in this post, I'm going to introduce you to some ladies who have this healer of wounds and are causing a stir with their healing powers.

Kim Manana and Jaylapage are two beautiful Instagram model stars, brand ambassadors who are causing stirs on the media with their heavy chest and huge backside. Kim Manana has an Instagram account, Kim_mananabackup of over 26K followers whilst Jaylapage has 253 followers and they both love to flaunt the photos with their followers. Check out some of their lovely photos.

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