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Divorce Affair

I saw them with my two eyes: man cries as he narrated how he caught his wife with another man.

Marriage over the years have been noted for the incredible happiness it brings to the couples involved. Families and friends usually get the opportunity to meet and discuss about things among themselves. With that being said, a lot of people have gone to the grave because of marital issues. A man gave an account on how his own wife cheated on him after thier marriage for 9 years. The issue of marital problems have been very rampant in the world today. The man said his wife cheated on him with his own friend on his own matrimonial bed.

The man said, "I was returning from work and didn't inform her am coming home. When I got to the main gate, I opened it myself instead of calling her to come and open me. I entered the hall and it was empty. While approaching the bed room, I heard something. It was the sound of two people so I approached and found my wife enjoying herself with someone".

What will you do if you were the man.

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