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Chairman causes stir with his pre wedding Pictures. Check it out.

A beautiful picture is circulating on the Internet which is believed to be the pre wedding photos of two people. Check out their pictures.

As the process of becoming an adult in a post-industrial economy has changed, the meaning and timing of marriage has been altered in response and many findings suggest that the marriage planners delay their entry into marriage as a response to the elongated and more haphazard transition to adulthood. The structural realities of this distinctive phase of life known as “emerging adulthood” have transformed how young people reach conventional adult milestones such as establishing an independent household, marriage, and family formation. Among elite youth, extensive schooling post high school occupies the postadolescent years, whereas for working and lower class youth, this stage in the life course means competing in a post-industrial economy where they face substantial obstacles in establishing their own households and settling into full-time, self-sustaining employment. Research have shown that geography plays a significant role in family formation.

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