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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Unattractive Behaviours You Must Stop Now To Make Women Chase You

Having an unattractive behaviour is one of the things that turns a lady's rush off. There have been some unattractive behaviours that most men possess that does not rely help them in their relationship life. Women are totally different and it demands total submission and endurance to be able to understand them. Sometimes, we feel what we are doing is the best but it's actually the worst thing we could have ever done in our life.

There are a lot of relationship coaches, counselors and pick up artist who try to influence a lot more people on how to handle their love life. These expert normally flows with a paradox which is centered in whether certain actions communicate desirable trait like that of an "Alpha Male" or undesirable trait like that of "Beta Male". In the game of love with women, as a guy, it's either you become very good at handling women like the Alpha Male or that of a Beta Male. Here are some of the unattractive behaviours of guys you must stop now.

1. Bad Approach 

This is one thing that really pisses a girl off. Most guys have some techniques of approaching which needs to be stop now.They turn to ring praises of themselves when they approach a woman. They forget their main reason why of approaching the woman and thereby ruin their chances with her. Approaching women directly is an action that communicates our desirable trust such as a confidence and ability to take control of your own love life.

2. Body Odour

You can also ruin your chances of having more women on your shoulders when you have some body odour. Most guys find it difficult to talk women due to their inability to handle themselves very well. Always try to look smart in your sneakers as well as having a good shirt to make you stand tall. Get a good centered perfume to make you smell real good anytime you have a date. There are some women who are interested in good scented perfume and would love to go spray shopping with you.

3. Seeking To Impress

As I was growing up, I lived all my life seeking to impress women and it actually failed me. I got the biggest blow out of my life when I was seen as a little fly who has just entered into his drink. I really blew my chances with her since I didn't take her number and not even ask of her name. You can better yourself of becoming a great Alpha Male.

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