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I sold our ancestral beads and some gold ornament to sponsor my boyfriend to travel abroad.

I thought sisters should be each other's keepers?

Dear Akua, my two kid sisters are showing ungratefulness.

So our parents lost their lives to motor accident. I was 13 years and my kid sisters were 11 and 9 respectively. The pain was immense but God saw us through. We ended up with our maternal grandmother who hailed from the Krobo land but lived all her life in Accra till she joined our ancestors.

I sold and did all manner of menial jobs to help Grandma fend for us. After SHS, I had to drop out just to work to help Grandma to take my sisters through school. I wasn't bothered at all because I have been acting as their mother since we lost our parents.

Long story short, grandma gave each of us some ancestral beads and gold ornament when we reached puberty. My kid's sister gave me theirs to keep. Some year later, my boyfriend who I loved wanted to travel abroad to seek greener pastures, we were hustling Akua, I gave him all the items including mine to go and sell so that when he reaches there, we can compensate my sisters and he agreed.

Long story short, five years later, grandma is no more, now my sisters an all well to do in great professions unlike me who is a trader. Now, we are not on talking terms because they want their ornaments back, I have tried to explain to them that, the guy I trusted in is now telling me he didn't get much from our ornaments, they were just Ghc2000 and since he needed Ghc20,000, his mother borrowed money from somewhere before he was able to travel. Eeeiii Akua, can you believe he never told me this before he traveled ooo, sake of love, I never even asked how much he got out of things. Now my sisters won't believe this story and they hate me now.

I rather who has lost everything, I sacrificed everything for them including my school. Now they are well to do and I not. To add salt to my injury, I don't even know when my boyfriend will come and marry me, am 35 years now. Why are they being so wicked?

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