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How to know if he is playing you

Men are such that they can have more than one relationship with a lady at a time without being caught but you can know them because they are some little things that can help you identify such men easily.

A player is the one who do not care about faithfulness, his primary interest is to use you and have sex with you when he needs them

So to know if he is playing, you must read this to get to know for yourself.

1. He is secretive

A man with several secrets and doesn't open up freely and willingly to his lady can be seen as one who is having an affair with other ladies elsewhere, he keeps things to himself and never share personal matters and experience.

2. He spends less time with you.

You can tell if he's playing you by observing the number of times or how long he spends with you. Since his only interest is to go to bed with you when he needs it, he always attempts to bed you when he's with you and then leave you afterwards.

3. He always request something.

A man who truly loves a lady doesn't request mostly rather shower her with gifts, so if yours is the one who often request from you and when he's got what he needs go offline till he needs you again.

4. He Hides His Computer And Phone From You

Our phone and computer hold everything. Our records and history on the net, chats, pictures. And every one of those can be used to uncover your true colors. A good man will let you see his gadget because after all, he has nothing to hide from you.

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Thank you.

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