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"No One Wants To Marry Us Because They Claim We Are Cursed" Gloria Narrate Painful Tale Of Her Life

Gloria and her siblings were all born in a good health condition until an unknown illness struck their family, one which they couldn't understand.

A minor wound turned into a large fatal wound after being treated occasionally, and their legs have continued to get bigger and bigger ever since, according to their 27-year-old sister Gloria.

Nobody wants to marry them, people see them as cyrse, and as a result, they are stuck living with their parents because it is so difficult for them to get work is extremely hard given the way they are genetically wired.

However, despite their parents' best efforts and eager to get them treatment, their legs continue to enlarge profusely without any sign of healing. Some people refer to them as witches, curse, bad luck, unfortunate, while others claim their mother possessed them.

Due to their conditions and health challenge, they were also forced to drop out of school, which made things even more difficult for them.

However, after seeing her mother's suffering and the hope that comes from that, Gloria no longer feels suicide.

 hospital recently treated them, but it will cost a lot of money, which they don't have enough money to sort for surgery or medical otherwise.

They're asking well-wishers to provide a hand in getting them treated so they can live regular lives free of discrimination.

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