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Husband and wife relationship

"Manage This Car I Promised You When I Was Toasting You" - Rich Man Surprises Wife On Birthday

 Men cherish women who stood by them when they had nothing. Nowadays, relationships are like trade by barter, it's hard to see a Relationship that is not built on money and benefits. A man has gifted his wife a brand-new car as a birthday present.

According to the man he promised his wife a car when he was toasting her that means when he meet his wife probably he was still hustling he was not rich then, and probably he may not have a car then. His wife accepted him back then maybe she loves him not because of material things, she stayed with him when he had nothing and both of them grew up together and got married.

Now God has blessed him, he's showering his wife with gifts. The man captioned his post, manage this keke. The car he gifted his wife worth 500,000 Ghana CEDI, this shows that men really appreciate women who stood by them during their difficult times. Now the woman is being showered with gifts, This is a lesson to every woman out there who sees relationship as a means of survivor.

Also, men appreciate the woman that stood by you during your hard times, she deserves.

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