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“I Can't Stop Having Sex With Uncircumcised Men”- Lady Reveals

According to a post online, a lady tells about how she allowed nice comments from people all around her to fill up her mind. She states that she is a very beautiful person that every man would like to date and because of that has received a lot of proposals from men both of her age and out of her circle.

According to her, she allowed these sweet words from almost everyone she come across to have a great impact on her behaviour and thinking that she began to feel so special and more like an idol.

She indicated that she was still a virgin until she got to the university and one day came across this man who looked very rich and handsome at a supermarket.

She felt she had met the man she always wanted as he seemed to have everything she wanted in her dream man. Lucky for her, the man asked of her number which she gladly gave out and they got in touch with each other.

On one occasion, she was asked by the man to come to his place, which she agreed to since she liked him. According to her the man forced her and had an affair with her but unawares to her, he was uncircumcised.

Since then, they have been doing it. Her problem now is after sometime, she did not hear from him again and tried all she could to reach him but all her efforts proved fruitless.

She then gave up and decided to move on but realized after her encounter, she is unable to sleep with circumcised men and this has happened to all the men she met afterwards.

She gives them excuse and leaves anytime they want to get intimate with her and she sees their manhood. She now needs help on what to do and a few advice from people.

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