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I Spent 10 Years in Prison For Killing My Wife, After Coming Out I Found Out She Was Alive- Man

An elderly man just made a post some minutes ago on his Facebook social media platform.

 An Older Man Who posted a heart-touching story what happened to him on his Facebook account page a few minutes back and captioned it ;

After a fight between the two, he went through ten years in prison for killing his wife, based on what can be found in his post.

Upon serving his prison sentence, he emerged from prison to learn that the spouse was not only alive, but that she had married another man as well.

Every marriage is different, but there are a few telltale signs that a relationship is moving into an unhealthy place.

On completion of his jail term, he came out of prison to discover that the wife was not just alive, she had also gotten married to another man.

The photo of the man who seeks advice can be seen below.

We often see men being violent at home with their partner and abusing and hitting them to show their power. But its not the case that all men are bigger, stronger, and better fighters than women. Hitting a woman is the biggest sign of weakness a man can portray. These inspirational words of wisdom will make you realize that true men are kind and gentle to girls and needs to respect them. And the same holds true vice versa.

Although they insist some of these reasons are valid; they are mere excuses.

A man’s strength should be used to protect not demean a woman.

Have you ever wondered about the trauma battered women undergo? If you know this you’ll never hit a woman.

A woman is likened to a garden that should be protected.

Anger is the state of frustration that leads to an outburst. It has great power to provoke and to destroy. It leads you astray, possibly to an action you’ll regret. We live in angry times. And all of us are occasionally influenced by this emotion.

In all, I have come to the conclusion that the very reason I will not hit my wife is not because of a religious affiliation or a college research paper. The main reason is because I am a man, and I understand what that means.

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