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My Rich Yahoo Boyfriend And My Bestie, Who Linked Me To Him, Wanted To Use Me As A Sacrifice.

A young lady has shared an account of how her rich "Sakawa" boy intended to involve her for penance.An Obuasi-based young lady has described how her rich sweetheart plotted to involve her for penance. In a trending video, the young lady said she was cheerful seeing someone whose sweetheart was having financial troubles.With his darling sweetheart losing everything, her two companions persuaded her to dump him.

One of the companions then connected her to a rich man who claimed love for her.She was reluctant to acknowledge this rich man, yet with time she chose to check it out.This companion man showed her incredible love, gave her cash without asking and ensured she was blissful.After dating for some time, the wealthy man proposed marriage to her, so she took him to her family, who approved of the man. They went to the market to shop for things for their arranged wedding.

When they got back to the rich man's home, he put her down and showed her every one of the rooms in the house, and he cautioned her never to go into one specific room. This got her terrified, so she talked about it with her companion, who persuaded her that this ought not be a major issue.

On one occasion, she chose to visit the house when the man was away working.While in the house alone, something advised her to make sure she was in that very room she'd been cautioned never to enter.She made her way to the room, and there was one more little room in that room whose entry was covered with red leaves.As per the young lady, she felt a weighty breeze streaming and saw the stuff she had purchased for their wedding, yet right when she was going to enter, she heard the man's vehicle sounding a ringer.

She immediately hurried out to open the entryway for the vehicle to enter, and the man said he was going back to get something he had forgotten while going to work. He asked the young lady to leave and come back later that night when he got home from work.

So in the evening of the said evening, the young lady awakened, but didn't see the man in bed.She went to the kitchen, restroom, and all rooms in the house but couldn't track him down.

That was when something incited her to check the room she'd been cautioned not to enter.She endlessly thumped, yet nobody answered, notwithstanding hearing a male and female voice from the room.

The young lady chose to calmly sit tight for quite a long time just so that she could see her rich man and the companion who connected her to him emerge from the room.

She figured out how to get away and went to the house the next day with somebody, but couldn't track down anybody there.That was the point at which she understood her companion and the rich man needed to involve her for penance.

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