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5 relationship fears every single guy has before they fall in love

When it comes to love, dating, and committed relationships, almost every man has some big fears. And these fears are more pronounced in men who are still single and hoping to find love at some stage.

There are also common fears. Fear of the unknown is a common phobia that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, especially when a significant step is about to be taken.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that almost every man has the following relationship fears:

Loss of Liberty

Guys often worry that they won't be able to do the stuff they used to do alone. When you're in a relationship, you lose the right to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and date as many babes as you want.

Needy girlfriend

The bane of every human being's life is a needy girlfriend. There is even anxiety that they may end up with an emotionally and financially needy person or an overly obsessed person.


The idea of being in a relationship is especially frightening for those who have once had their hearts broken because they fear that what happened in the previous relation could be repeated.


Guys are afraid that being in a relationship will change their lives, no matter how minor. And, let's face it, being in a relationship does have a major impact on one's way of life. Especially if it is a long-term relationship. Several men are terrified by the prospect of transition.

Being vulnerable

Guys are accustomed to presenting themselves as macho, in command, and emotionally devoid. Being in a relationship removes this mask and you'll have to reveal your soul and let others in. Too many guys are terrified of being emotionally insecure in this way.

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