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What Your Man is Expecting To Hear From You

There's a common perception that men are less emotional when it comes to external affection of display. But this is never true.

Men also want to be complimented but they just hide that feeling. Therefore any woman who is bold to that easily wins their heart.

These are things that men are expecting to hear from their women.

1. That they are handsome

When it comes to men complementing their partners about being beautiful, it's just normal since most guys do it.

But a lot of women finds it difficult to express that to guys so being able to express that to your man makes you a super woman and he will love you dearly for that.

2. Appreciating him constantly

Everyone becomes happy when he or she does something for someone and hears the word thank you.

But sincerely when a woman appreciate her man of every little things he does for her, it melts his heart and he does it more.

3. That he is your leader

Guys feel highly good when their partners always allow them to take decisions as a leader.

Therefore if you want your man to be happy and love you more then one of the things such guys want to hear is telling him to lead in everything as your leader.

4. Being open to them

In most relationship, couples try to hide personal issues from one another. But if you are a lady who tries to be open to your man, promise him you will forever be open to him. 

 This will let him to trust you will forever be his number one. No guy want a lady who is not straight forward person.

So for a man to fully love you he will love you make sure you apply the above.

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