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Do you know what guys like to hear from a woman? The 3 Things All Men Want To Hear From A Woman

The key to any healthy relationship is open communication. You should always make your partner feel loved by constantly expressing your emotions. A great way to keep the fire burning in relationships is through compliments. The more you make your partner feel good about himself, the more effort he’ll put into the relationship.

Men love receiving praise from their women, so strive to make yours happy. He’ll be proud to be with you if you feed his ego in the best possible way. Take a look at these twenty-nine things guys like to hear from their girlfriends to know how to make your boyfriend admire you and feel like a king.

1. I love you

This first phrase is one common thing many guys like to hear from their girlfriends. This might be a common one, but it tops the list of things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. They might feel the affection in the relationship, but subtly still need constant reassurance. They want to know that your feelings haven’t changed, and you’re still head over heels for them.

2. Appreciation

Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they are good at. Men also want to be appreciated if they do something nice for you that or if they did something they knew you liked…

Men want to be noticed and appreciated just like women do. Appreciation has to be genuine and can manifest itself in many different ways.

Cooking his favorite meal after a hard day at work is an example or taking time to put in effort into your appearance one day and wearing something you know he likes. Or just being kind and warm in a way that makes him feel good and happy.

3. That They Are Accepted for Who They Are

Do not make a man feel like he has to change himself for you, which is what many women often do when they talk to a man. Even if it’s in your mind, don’t think he can’t feel it.

If you meet a man and your thinking is, “well, I don’t like the way he is right now but he has potential. If only he can change …” insert some quality you want him to change… this is setting the tone for your conversation and entire dynamic.

So the key is to accept a man for who he is and don’t try to change him. Either you like him for who and what he is or you don’t; either way, trying to “fix” him is going to backfire and make him feel like you’re looking down on him and don’t want him to be happy.

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