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Love Is A Verb And A Verb Is A Doing Word

It's obvious many people easily tell people they love them when in the actual sense it's their very first time of meeting them.

For instance, a guy will meet a lady today on the street, at an event or a specific place and just tell the lady he loves her.....just like that.....

I just don't know what guys or ladies see in someone to just express love to them and also to accept that kind of love in good faith within minutes or few hours.

You see Love is a verb. And a verb is a doing word that shows action. And according to the dictionary, love is "an intense feeling of deep affection.

If this is so, how then can a guy meet a lady in a minute and tell her he loves her and some even add the word dearly to it.

What has the lady done (action) that may have pushed the guy to propose to her his love. And what has the lady also seen to accept such proposal within a short period of time.

Sometimes infatuation sets in the life of people and they take it to be be love.

Just because you met a guy who is thick and tall, hairy with tattoos, small and pinkish lips does not mean the person is a perfect gentleman that needs proposal acceptance.

To the guys the fact that you meet a beautiful skin tone and soft body of a girl, someone with a big back, or full chested girl does not mean the person will be a good and a dynamic wife or even fiance.

A person's outside features and gestures doesn't mean he or she the has same internally. I want to talk to unmarried youth that life is very precious.

When it comes to the issue of the matters of the heart, please be careful. Watch out with your two eyes widely open.

Never allow someone's lies of ' I love you' to close the good chapters of your beautiful life. Remember that love is a verb and therefore you need to see a particular action of a girl before declaring your love and likewise to the her. 

To the girls you need to experience the real love from a guy and be conscious before you exchange your Gold for ashes.

 Because many couples rushed to marriage and today their regret is bigger than the ocean.

Take time, watch out with all eyes and mind fully open and choose the right partner. But in your search, remember Love is a verb and a verb is a doing word or action.

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