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Husband and wife relationship

Don't be deceived: 5 things married men say to convince single ladies

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Nowadays, cheating has become the norm. Some men are honest enough to admit that they are married. If she's unlucky, he'll tell her he's single until she gets calls from his wife or discovers for herself that he's married.

Here are a few (5) of the things married men say to convince single ladies:

1. "I have never loved anyone the way I love you" or "I have never loved anyone the way I love you"Lies, lies, lies. As if the fictitious advantage they've handed another lady over their lawfully married partners is significant.

2. "I'm going to marry you."

They usually offer to abandon their husbands for the younger woman. Those words should be taken with a grain of salt.

3. "My wife is aware that I am dating other women."

Indeed, some of their wives are aware of their husbands' philandering, but because she refuses to speak up, these guys have come to the conclusion that it is fine to continue.

4. "My wife is lazy" or "my wife is a lazy in bed"

When it comes to performance in the other room or ordinary behavior like cooking and cleaning, these guys are more than willing to drag their spouses to the gutter without provocation, and these assertions are usually lies.

5. "We've split up," "we're having problems," or "I'm leaving the marriage soon."

This'separation' these men speak of is at the top of the list of meaningless terms because they are still legally married and have no intention of leaving their wives for any woman.

Most married guys who cheat fantasize about having a wife and children, but this is just that: a fantasy. They would still like to have the independence they had as single people. Some single young females don't mind either, making it the ideal adultery.

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