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Reasons Why Bad Guys Get Beautiful Girl Than Good Guys

Sometimes, understanding women is difficult to some extent. This is why they have a sentence that is difficult to understand for a woman.

It is shocking how some women show to the public or let people know that they prefer bad boys to good and innocent boys. Why is this happening?

Here are 5 reasons why women prefer bad boys.

1. Bad guys have confidence in what they do. They are not as shy as a kind-hearted innocent boy, and will not be shy when talking to women.

This is why you sometimes notice that a good or handsome boy looks good and it is difficult to find a girlfriend by his side. Because they always wait for the ladies to approach first, because they are very shy, even if they fall in love with that woman, they don't have the confidence to approach that woman first.

2. Adventure and excitement:

Bad boys are the object of adventure because they often know many bad boys like them, deal with many people, and unlike good boys, they have more fan bans.

It is difficult for a good boy to make many friends; all you can see is close to 1-5 friends. Good boys rarely go to clubs, smoke and do other naughty things.

But bad boys can be adventurous and exciting because of the type of people and their beliefs they will go forward with.

3. They don't want promises.

Some ladies like to date bad boys because they don't want a relationship in which they will dedicate all of them, such as love, commitment, and time. After all, they don't want to build a long-term relationship.

They just need someone who can do what others do in another room, and everyone does it their way. It is called the relationship with interests.

As for good boys, they believe in the relationship of a girl, a boy, a girl, a boy and a girl because they are so devoted and affectionate that when they fall in love, no matter how bad their girlfriend is to them, it is difficult for them to give up this relationship.


4. They feel they can change him.


Sometimes women date bad boys because they feel that over time, they can change such boys.

They like his role and his lifestyle, because he is funny, and the bad boy is a very enlightened person. Therefore, sometimes women think that they can change the mentality of bad boys when establishing a relationship, and think that some women have succeeded, and some women have failed in the process.

5. Defence.

Like I said, early women are sometimes very sensitive and it is difficult for them to understand, but deep down, 60% of young women like bad boys, mainly 21-29-year-olds, who like to move in with bad boys because bad boys give them happiness.

Someone who can fight for them. A strong man who loves clubs, drinks and other things. Of course, girls don't like boring boyfriends.


A woman likes an alpha male, someone who believes they are the main character in a relationship and finds it difficult to control their movements or leave it to their wife, unlike good guys.


Women tend to believe that bad boys are better suppliers and suitable fathers.


Thank you for reading.


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