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Everything is possible- Netizens react after a picture of a canoe transporting a heavy truck pops up

Nigeria is one of the countries Ghana relates with so well. Our relationship is very tight to the extent that at a certain point, people started calling us the twin countries. One distinct thing about Nigeria is the comic sense they have got.

They can make you laugh over and over again with the things they do and this is what has actually driven me towards writing this article. A picture I saw on the internet has got me wondering how it really happened but like I always say, nothing surprises me no more and everything is possible in our generation.

Tee is a social media user who decided to expose the other side of the world to what is going on in their side of the world. He decided to post a picture which was shot in Nigeria and looking at the picture, you could realize that there is no way you are going to suppress the aggregating laughter. It is just funny upon first sight and it makes you wonder how people come by such ideas. Below is his tweet;

After this picture landed on the internet, it was all fun because people just couldn't resist the laughter that came with it. How is this possible? Questions about how this isn't sinking came flying all over the comment section. Well, the physics class will tell you that the canoe together with that big truck is a hollow object and hence its density wouldn't be more dense than the water. This is the reason why floating was made possible.

We understand that this wouldn't sink but the question is, "Why would they do this and how did it get there because obviously, they didn't use a crane". Many people are bringing their views concerning this picture and most of them are talking about the fact that everything in the country is just pure comedy. It's just cruise and vibes.

Below are some replies I compiled;

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