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8 Ways Ladies Stylishly Punish Guys On First Date

I don't understand why some girls are so tough because they have fashionablely removed a lot of them to rethink whether she can pull off her arrogant behavior, or rather, they have no more questions about it.

So I can briefly discuss who women punish men in fashion.

1. Introduce your partner formally as "Protosol".

Roars can also be similar to some which can make for unexpected dates and dates. However, he later discovers that as an alternative to an appointment with his girlfriend, he came to see some friends and took out his missiles. If he tells him that his leadership only interests him and only him, he can start giving him unnecessary excuses, for example that he could be a villain or that he doesn't agree with a fixed table.

2. They are busy with their mobile devices

Then they added their own set of battery anomalies and started off as an emergency like they were no longer having fun before making the male creature stupid and non-existent.

3. Let it roll

Some women are racist by nature, as in anything, with everyone's help, they always show rare benefits and so on. I call them "Sharwama or Hot Dog Baby" because they check in every time they eat and eat during their first meeting with Harry on vacation.

4. You are late

Even though the date was 3 rm for others, they called on 6 rm which made the site a meager amount for many visitors. Then they don't regret waiting for the scent.

5. Monosyllable forwards your answer to your conversation.

How can you rarely talk from morning to evening and try to maintain your true sense of humor to get quick and responsible answers, like "ok", "very good", "hmm", "hmm", his morals and Confidence will explode like bubbles... once!

6. Talking with unfriendly body language.

Use the obnoxious crooked tongue, like scary eyes, to shrink his figure for several years, constantly hissing and frowning like a tiger. In this case, RESON had no other wish than to call the end.

7. You intentionally start a lot of sales

It is at this point that they start selling off their old friends and family members, forcing this man into a dog-like risky lust. Like many others, how he handles things to get women's attention.

8. You go fast

Maybe he's a student like he used to want to teach, and that won't happen the day after he's late! He asks her to come up with a "plan" for him to adjust the relationship quickly, and then he jumps right in.

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