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Every Guy Must Understand And Know These 10 Facts About Girls

In today's write-up, we shall look at ten Key things that all guys should understand and know about ladies or girls.

Girls like it when guys ask advice from them. This action just shows that you trust her, and that she’s someone you can count on to. She loves to talk and by asking her, she’d feel that her opinion matters to you.

Guys must stop stereotyping girls. All the girls are not same. Every girl has different situations. Try to understand that before judging any girl.

Unless you share a really special bond with her already, don’t expect her to appreciate your empathy, kindness or chivalry. She would see them only as basic characteristics that any decent human being should possess, no matter how much in abundance you shower those on her.

When she decides to share her body with you, she trusts you blindly, it’s not a casual thing for her. Be gentle and kind. Understand her verbal as well as non-verbal gestures. If you think you will forget her by morning better go somewhere you pay and get it.

When she decides to share her flaws with you, she trusts you enough to be vulnerable. She feels comfortable. Don’t make a joke out of her weakness and don’t you ever shame ever.

Don’t be peer-pressured into making her your girlfriend. Yes, it sounds Uber cool to call a cute girl as your girlfriend , get teased with her, be in a relationship and show off to your friends. But anything should be built only on a platonic relationship/ friendship. You start with the foundation. Not the 13th floor.

If you feel she comes to you only when she needs something and doesn’t bother your existence at other times, do not sulk or lose your temper. Just maintain a healthy distance and start giving yourself all the care you might have been missing when you were busy tending to her.

Listen more. Speak less. Make sense. Don’t blabber. Girls don’t really like guys who interrupt them often and do not pay attention to what they just said.

Don’t be very generous when it comes to money. Never hesitate in asking her to return her share of money, especially when you spend often on her and in big numbers.

Take her words at face value. If she says, she is not comfortable with something or isn’t interested, she means it. Don’t make up scenarios by assuming imaginative meanings for her words. It happens only either in movies or with really immature girls. Most girls mean what they say.

Finally, don’t be shocked if she didn’t find you good enough. Most cases, its not about you. It’s about the plethora of guys, trying too hard, which may make you insignificant. You are neither obligated nor is it worth to put efforts in differentiating yourself from every other guy approaching a girl.

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