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My Boyfriend Loves Beating Me Every day But I Love Him And I Don't Want To Leave Him

Love is a beautiful thing, love is the strongest friend as well as the strongest enemy. Even in the bible the strongest bond that could exist between two parties is love. In this article is a story of an unknown lady who passes through a lot of beatings in the hands of her boyfriend, yet cannot leave him for good because of love.

It was an experience she shared with an admin on Twitter for an advice and was posted to reach the public by the admin of the account. The lady shared her experience as follows; "Dear Admin, my boyfriend loves beating me everyday but I love him and I don't want to leave him. He said he is just testing me to see if I can deal with his anger. He is a sweet guy. Please what can I do?"

The post by the admin on Twitter. This may be a very difficult issue to tackle because the bible say let no man put apart what God has put together. Here is the case they love each other but the only thing is the frequent beating which the lady do not fancy. What is your opinion on this and what advice will you give to her?

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