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Divorce Affair

If She Is Doing These, She Is Cheating On You

Women of today are very tricky and quiet secretive that, when they are not interested in the relationship anymore, they tend not to tell you but cheat on you secretly to be happy again whiles they are still with you. So we are going to give you 5 things she will do that will help you notice she not interested in you anymore.

1.When she refuses to pick your video calls

Video calls are made for people to see each other while having a conversation wherever apart they may be so long as internet is available. Sometimes you want to see her face and sometimes where she is to know she is safe and she is alright so you can be at peace. Other times also, you tend to miss her for days and want to see her smile to feel alright, so you try a video call since it has such features. When she starts refusing to pick those video calls and then returns it with a voice call, then bro, she has found someone else.

2.When she turns her phone off or puts it on silence anytime she is with you.

When the girl you love visit’s you or goes out with you to spend some time together and she turns her phone off or puts it on silent with the excuse that, she does not want anybody to disturb your quality time, is a suspect. How can you try to cut off people close to you from the person you love and hope to get married to when all things go well? How do you expect him to call reach anyone should something happen to you that requires serious attention? Brother please run because she is cheating.

3.When She wants to determine the time, place, duration and even how to make love.

When she makes love making look like a hug favor she is doing you, or a bother to her and she tends to want to tell you how many minutes she can offer you in bed, she is cheating. She is definitely taking a bigger dick or someone who makes her scream “daddy please”. Move on bro.

4.When she stops posting you as she used to

When this starts happening, you must know that, she is posting someone else and has blocked you from seeing it. She has definitely found someone that makes her feel butterflies in her stomach. Please start getting ready to find out she is cheating and that she will leave without remorse.

5.When she changes her password and refuses to share it with you

When she has a password she shares with you and after sometime she changes it and withholds it from you so you cannot access her phone like she was doing initially, she is definitely entertaining things you will be heartbroken if you see them. Please move on and let her be because she is cheating on you.  

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