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Why do men prevent women from achieving greater heights

Education has done a tremendous job by enlighten us to accept, respect and include women in our decision making process. We have also learnt to make room for women to also participate in every decision that affects the human race.

This has encouraged more women to stand up for themselves. Women are now into politics, managing companies and attaining greater heights.

With all these achievements, a woman cannot do or achieve all this without a help from their partners especially when there are children involved.

There has been several occasions when women have to forgo great opportunities because they don't get support from their partners.

Do this immediately your man tries to Pull you back.

1. Try to explain the importance of what you want to do. Let him know how it will affect you positively. Communication is very important and a good communication can prevent misunderstandings.

2. Be bold and stand up for your self. Sometimes they just want you to start and then they will later agree to your request.

3. Do not give up. It won't be easy without support from you partner but never give up. Focus and make sure you prove them wrong.

Sometimes a woman's success makes a man feel inferior so they try to keep them in the box to feed their ego.

So I ask, why do some men feel threatened by a woman's success?

Kindly drop your opinions share.

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