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Look At How This Girl Slapped Her Boyfriend After Telling Her Their Relationship Is Over.

A girl boldly slapped her boyfriend after the guy requested for a break up in their relationship which everyone is talking about in all the social media platforms.

According to the girl she said, they dated for about four years which she gave all her heart yo the boy not knowing the guy wasn't the eight person to be trusted by her.

She said her boyfriend once called her early this afternoon that he wanted them to have a chart which was very important for them so the girl dressed immediately an went to the place she was asked to come.

Upon reaching the guy stated to have a chart with her which made them smiled and the conversation begun but unfortunately the guy brought a topic which he requested that they should break up and immediately the girl heard of it she landed a hot slap on his face.

All the people over there gathered around them and was watching their conversation.

The guy couldn't talk again because the slap entered him soo much which he kept quite and walked out from the place.

The girl wept bitterly for hearing the news because they begun everything in a smile and later ended in tears and slaps.

Please do you support the slaps?

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