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Husband and wife relationship

Seven (7) Roles Every Man Expects His Wife To Play In His Life

If you have a man or you hope to have one, these are seven roles he expects you to play in his life.

1. He wants you to treat him as your first son. Every man is looking for a mother in his wife. Not just a mother but one who will cherish, love and keep a special place for him in her heart.

2. He wants you to defend him. He wants to know that when everyone thinks he is wrong, you are going to be there to tell them he is right. You are going to see what he sees.

3. He wants you to protect him. Yes, men pretend to be strong. In reality they are weak. Your eyes have to be shinning around him against strange preys such as bad friends, other women, etc.

4. He wants you to inspire him. Your man is ambitious but he can't go beyond your words. What you say to him, what you sees about him and what you say about him can trigger the best in him.

5. He wants you to celebrate him. Your man is doing the best that he can. He is human and may have his frailties but he also has wins and strengths. Remind him of his wins and strengths. Tell him he is strong and can always win.

6. He needs your advice. As much as men want to lead the home, he wont be a great leader without your smart advices. From time to time drop wise counsels. Don't enforce your counsels on him but let him see that, he can decide to head through a different path from the path that have originally been given him challenges.

7. He needs you to empower him. The resources at your disposal can be a source of empowerment for him. It should be. If you are blessed with more financial privileges, it is his blessing.

These are encouraging points to make your marriage work.

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