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Tv3 surprises many as they also mount pressure on Berla Mundi to reveal her "secret" lover

The new surprise that has taken many aback, is the pressure Tv3 has added by joining the public to ask Berla to reveal the 'bae' she talks about all the time with so much fondness. It was quite a shock, since many thought she might just be joking around but now that Tv3 has added its voice, then there could be an iota of truth. This was after the caption of a post of theirs read, "we are still waiting to see bae", which tells us that we are not the only ones anticipating to know the gentleman who makes our Berla giddy and excited most often.

It is no news that many men have been rumoured to be "married" or on the verge of "marrying" or have something to do with Berla, including Giovanni and Joe Mettle.

It was awesome to see her give out so much support for the reunion of her colleague and his wife on set, on the day Giovanni was surprised by his wife on his birthday, and this put all rumours of both of them having something to do with each other to rest.

Also on this day, Joe Mettle was on set as well and seeing two gentlemen that the public believe you have something doing with although false, many expected her to be calm, or reserved or even not make herself visible, rather, she closed her eyes to this and screamed and shouted throughout to support her friend

Many know that she has a partner although we do not know who it is yet, and she came out on her Instagram page to ask for advice concerning her relationship life. And even her place of work which is Tv3, has added its voice to the pressure being mounted on her to reveal her 'secret' lover.

Many wish her well, and are advising that she settles down soon. Many have promised to return her show of love and support she gives to many and also tease her for what Giovanni might also do on that day.

It is inspiring to see friends support each other in their good times together and it’s assuring to know that you have people to support you in your good and bad days. And to Berla, we can’t wait to see her finally walk down the aisle and be free from criticisms of netizens.

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