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Wondering Why She Isn't Happy? Check out 8 Cool Ways to Make Her Happier Anytime With You.

Extensively we are taught about a very limited version of sex that feels fantastic for men but leaves women's enjoyment out.

Even women are still unsure about how their parts function, what feels good in bed, or how to have orgasms during sex because our society doesn't spend much time talking about female pleasure. And I think that isn't something to continue with.

So in this article, I want to give you 8 very cools ways to ginger your bedroom game and make her happy anytime.

Time and attention.

It might seem obvious, but you'd be shocked how easily things can change in the heat of the moment.

When it comes to sex of any sort, take the dramatic path rather than the shortcut. Start at the crown of her head and work your way down to her toes.

It takes 10-20 minutes for women to attain orgasm, so having a patient partner will help them achieve sexual fulfilment.

Selflessness is a virtue.

The only thing hotter than feeling like a priority is the sun itself. Women want a partner who prioritizes their pleasure and puts their needs first.

Being a selfless lover has the added benefit of making your partner want to reciprocate what you do for her (Which seems to be a win-win situation).

A safe space of no judgement.

Unexpected events such as cramps, periods, queefs, gagging, and more can occur during sex.

All of these things are fairly normal and can seem embarrassing, but women want to feel comfortable during sex and realize that whatever happens is unjudged. You don't question her for the unexpected, these are the kinds of stuff you can laugh at and move on from.

Make her feel safe and blameless even when not safe.

Be spicy

Nobody wants to be stuck in one role all night. The brain is stimulated by novelty, whether it's a new sex role, toy, or outfit. Play more games, experiment with different sex roles, and have sex in various locations around the house.

For women in long-term relationships or who have sex with the same person on a regular basis, making the same movements and having sex in the same positions or places becomes mundane.


Your partner may want to be cuddled and spooned at times, and you want to be on opposite sides of the bed at other times.

Although these preferences vary not only from person to person but also from situation to situation, it's best to check in with your partner to see what's going on. “Can I spoon you?” is all it takes. ” or something that fits in this situation.

Vocal enthusiasm

Nothing beats a partner who is ecstatic to be with you and can't stop salivating about how hot he thinks you are or how much you make him turn on.

Make a fuss and get a little weird with her by telling her how much you adore her and can't get enough of her. She will love to hear you voice it out every time, sweets words are the keys.

Communicate with her

There's a time and a place for wordless-grunty sex, but it's also good to have a partner who asks if you're into anything or if you want it done differently.

There are no bonus points for crossing the finish line without making a sound. Communicate with her while playing, ask her how she wants it, make her feel in charge.


I must admit that this is the most important thing not to forget when with her.

It's not a race to finish! You must take your time and draw things out while having fun. A little bit of patience will get you a long way and help her reach orgasm pretty faster.

Now you check the smile and uplift in her spirit after you tried these eight cool ways. She is glowing right, I see that

Thanks for the time taken to read and hope you've gotten new ideas to add and make it all better.

Please don't forget to comment, follow tightly and share as well. Gracias

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