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Guys: These 3 Things Will Let You Know If You Are Into Spiritual Relationship And How To Prevent It.

I hope you will agree with me that all relationships are not warranted? And you will also bear with me that spiritual relationship only exist between an unprecedented human being who normally is a mortal and an evil spirit? Have you been in a spiritual marriage or relationship before? Or Have you witness some before. How was it? I will be so glad if you will share your experience with us by commenting in the comment box below.

A spiritual relationship is not a good relationship one must be happy for it. In this relationship, you are bond with a spiritual being, the worst news id that, the spirit is always a bad one, most of the time. There is a vast difference between the physical world and the spiritual world. The interesting thing here is that both have a requirement that is needed for one to qualify to be there. In the spiritual world, you need to be a spirit being for you to stay there, on the other hand, in the physical world, you must be a mortal for you to qualify to stay here. Even though we some spirit leaving among us, that do not mean there are suppose to be here, most of these spirits are on a mission.

How do you know if you are spiritually relationship?

As explained early, the spiritual relationship is an unwarranted union that exists between an unsuspecting human being and an evil spirit; These are 3 signs that will indicators or show if one is going through a spiritual relationship or if a person has been taken by a spirit wife or a spirit husband.

1.Going to bed with someone in Dreams

It is not normal when you always go to bed with someone in your dream. This indicates a very bad omen and quick or drastic action should be taken before is too late.


This is another bad sign of a spiritual relationship, please kindly follow the instruction below to see your pastor of any spiritual person to help you out.

3.Do not feel like having a relationship with anyone

When you will like not having any intimate relationship with anybody that comes your way, it might also be that you have been addicted to someone spiritually.

How to prevent it?

1.Bath with Him tree 3 times a day

2.Always apply local "ANOTRE" on your body after bath

3.Always pray.



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