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Hidden Signals: How To Spot If A Girl You Like Also Likes You

Body language in seduction is a very often underestimated aspect. Sometimes we tend to consider eloquent words or gestures more important because they are easily understandable and clear compared to small apparently insignificant gestures, but which in reality have a much deeper and more intense meaning. Precisely for this reason it often happens that, during the initial approach, we misunderstand the behavior of a woman. Maybe we think she doesn't like us just because she doesn't speak much or doesn't seem to have arguments in common.

Instead, sometimes it would be enough to sharpen your eyes and pay attention to the small details to understand that a person communicates many more things with gestures, sometimes even involuntary, than with words. The non verbal communication used during a courtship says much more than any speech made artfully. And in the same way understanding this language allows us to understand things that otherwise no one would ever tell us.

And this is true not only in the sphere of seduction, but in any other field of life. But if you are here it is because you are interested in understanding how body language works in seduction and how you can use this to your advantage in conquering a woman. So read on and I'll let you discover the secrets behind the subtle art of non verbal bodily communication. What does body language mean in seduction as an effective method of approach?

It means that, if you are on the side of the seducer, you can use this weapon to understand the intentions of the person in front of you and act accordingly without exposing yourself too much, if you are on the side of the "seduced" you can make the other person understand them. your intentions, your desires, without really saying anything. So in whatever position you are, you will always know how to move and how to act without the risk of saying something wrong or too hasty.

But this does not mean that every slightest gesture has an absolute and unshakable meaning. Instead, it means that you have to learn to study the person in front of you and understand what that particular gesture means to her. Now let's see some examples of body language and how they should be interpreted to understand whether or not the woman you want to conquer likes you.

1. Eye contact

If you are facing a woman you barely know, it could be normal that she is intimidated and that, especially if she likes you a lot, she cannot hold her gaze for the entire time of the conversation. So this is one of those signals that must be interpreted positively.

Even if while she is talking she occasionally looks at you and occasionally looks away somewhere else, it could be a sign that she is engaging in the conversation and that she is looking away from you to avoid getting distracted.You might like her a lot and looking you straight in the eye would make her lose focus. But you, as a seducer, always look her straight in the eye and let her know that you are interested in her and that she is at the center of your attention at that moment.

2. Does she blush?

Another great sign is to see if she blushes even if you say things that normally shouldn't make her blush. Or if she blushes alone as she tells you something about her day and her life. This could mean that she cares a lot about what she told you, that it is very important to her, maybe it's something she doesn't normally say and that she made you a part of and then she turns red knowing that you know it now. 

3. Physical contact

Physical contact doesn't mean you need to touch her persistently or exaggerate. Especially if you see that she doesn't like it or pulls back, forget it right away. Maybe she still doesn't feel ready and you risk ruining everything. If you see that she is "there" then it is the signal that she wishes to move on to the next phase of the approach.

4. Does she cross or stiffen her arms.

If she stiffens or you notice that she crosses her arms or looks at her hands all the time, this is not a good sign. It means that somehow you have "invaded" her intimacy and she doesn't feel comfortable with you. Indeed, perhaps he feels embarrassed by the situation. But don't blame yourself for this. It's not necessarily your fault.

It is normal to feel ashamed in the presence of strangers and if the "chemistry" does not take place between you it is even more normal that she wishes to get away as quickly as possible from this situation that creates embarrassment. If you see this, end the meeting immediately and greet her amicably. It is useless to try to carry on a conversation or a date with a person who can't wait to go home.

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