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Man Breaks up With His Girlfriend After He Found These Whatsapp Chats On Her Phone

Keeping secrets in a relationship is never good. No relationship can be built on lies and last forever. Lies always have a way out, and in most cases they don't end well.

A man announces that he is breaking up with his girlfriend after discovering many disturbing conversations on his phone. He said his girlfriend left the phone and he decided to investigate, hoping to find out what many people said he was cheating on him, but what he found was even bigger. Check out the WhatsApp chat below.

From the above conversation it appears that this woman asked a friend to help her take the pills she needed.

Apparently his girlfriend had been on ARVs for quite a while and hadn't told her boyfriend yet. This can be felt as a form of suspicion because when someone suffers from such a condition, they need to tell their partner whether they want to or not so that their partner can also protect themselves.

The friend was clearly not wrong with how he reacted to such a situation. What that woman did was completely wrong. She had to be open to this from the moment she decided to take the relationship with the guy seriously.

In that case, what would you do if it were you. How would you react if you found out that your partner is hiding a big secret from you? Let us know in the comments section.

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