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How to prove to your girlfriend that you are not after her body.

As a man, when you meet a lady who you admire, you approach her for a romantic relationship, if like you. She will agree, but first, she will begin to watch you closely to know if you're in love with her, or it is just because of her body. It is very important that you understand that not every lady believes every word from your mouth without a proof. So you will have to prove it to her that you're in love with her and not her body.

Here is how you can prove to your partner that you are not after her body.

1. Don't admire her body so much.

Most men make this mistake, it is very important you don't. So it is not advisable to admire her part of her body. She may think it is because of her body which drives you to her, or maybe you're hungry for her body. By then you have created the wrong impression in her. As a man, it is not bad to admire her body. This is one of the things women love so much. But if you must do it. Then, you don't do it on a regular basis.

2. Don't be too quick to touch her body when you're both together.

This is also important. I know it is very understandable that romance is one of the ways one can prove his or her love. But when it is done regularly in the relationship, then she begins to think that you're just after her body. So as a man, it is very important you control yourself. As they say, too much of everything is bad. Because if you always touch her body, this may scare her off or bring in the impression that you're only after her body. And by then you must have created the wrong impression.

3. Don't be too quick to invite her to your house.

I know as a man, you can always wish to have the lady you're in love with around. Due to you're missing her present. And you have nothing negative in your mind. But have you considered what could be going through her mind? So if you're quick to invite her over your place. This could also create the wrong impression in her.

4. Talk more about marriage than romance.

This is the conversation she wants to hear from you. Not the other way around. To prove she really matters to you. And you truly love her and would like to take the relationship to a whole new level by marrying her. That's why you may need to discuss marriage more. You can even go ahead in promising her there will be no intimacy between you both till after marriage.

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