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Check-out 'Three Signs That Show She Is Available'

There many expectation ladies expect from guys but could not boldly open to let it out. So most of the times they expect the guys to read their mind or predict what they are interested in.

One of the things that serves as a stabling block to ladies especially in Ghanaian society is that they cannot openly proposed to a guy like.

Even if the does, guys mostly think they are sluts or cheap so the ladies turned to shy away from this embarrassment by keeping mute on their feelings.

However, these are three things ladies do as a sign of showing that they are interested in you. Firstly, a lady who is interested in a guy will always try visiting the guy at all times even at the odd times. Such a will always be jealous seeing the guy with other ladies. 


Secondly, a lady interested in guy will always develop pet name's for the guy. They will always like to involve themselves with the activities of the guys. For instance they will love to involve themselves in physical jokes or play that they will directly have body contact with the guy.

Thirdly, a lady interested in a guy will develop the habit of trying to either do some of the following, cook for guy, clean up the guys room, buy gifts for the guy, calling the guy at odd times like in the middle of the night, visit you without a prior notice. In fact I can't keep on enumerating everything.

Guy if you see some these signs from lady it mean she is available but never be too quick to conclude. Remember to play your cards well.

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