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Divorce Affair

Relationship Crisis: Two Married Women Shares Surprising Cheating Stories

Cheating is something someone can not easily prevent, it's a choice one's make when he or she gets bore with the relationship.

Unfortunately, many of these cheating stories that surprise us, are the ones coming from married people

Man and woman certainly have similar reason to cheat on their partners, and that is either over sex or money.

Although there are other factors like affection, abusive partners, but these reasons are not too common why someone will want to cheat.

Interestingly, for those who are married, cheating seems to them as an alternative to them to be happy according to some of their stories.

However, some Ghanaian ladies revealed their shocking cheating stories.

According to these ladies, cheating somehow make them happy, and they are not regret doing so.

Read their full stories below I sighted from one interactive website

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