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5 Mistakes We Make When Trying To Win Someone Over

Today I have decided on this issue because, much to my regret, I have made almost or all of the mistakes that I describe here. Although it is not the end of the world, many times we are wrong in the way we show our attraction to a person Like when at school, the boy who likes us pushes us and pulls our hair, because since that time we started with mistakes when it comes to flirting, that's why I have made this list of the most common and with more. We frequently commit, here I leave you, and any resemblance to our methods of falling in love are because we all make mistakes.

Trying to attract attention by doing nonsense:

Many times we think that by being the friendliest of the group, or by attracting more attention, we will be more attractive to the person we like, and we end up doing the clown in a regrettable way. Which means that if he liked us a little, he made up his mind never to think of us romantically again because of our nonsense.

Ignoring the person we like:

Many times we do the opposite of the above, that is, we make ourselves interesting in an exaggerated way, and for the same reason we do not demonstrate our qualities and our true personality to the person we like. And what usually happens is that if he likes us a little, he gives up because we give him the wrong idea that we are not interested.

Trying to arouse interest with jealousy:

A common and widely used mistake, especially by girls, is trying to make the boy we are interested in jealous, the bad thing is that if the boy is not convinced of his feelings or attraction, what this attitude of ours he will do, it will be to push him away thinking that you are more interested in that boy you talk about so much.

Seeming desperate to attract their attention:

Many times we are too obvious when we are with that person we like, and we usually even change our way of acting, that is, not being ourselves. Let me clarify, to make a person fall in love we have to be ourselves, otherwise that path will not lead us anywhere.

Lying to look good:

If you like the girl a lot, especially do not lie, it is the worst way to start a relationship. If what you want is a lasting relationship there is no way you can get off to a good start with lies. I said, whatever you do, my best advice is to show the person that you like how you really are, without exaggeration, without fear, without lies and above all with dignity. If that person is for you, the safest thing is that you are compatible and form that couple you want. If not, forget something else.

I await your comments and experiences as always. Be happy.

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