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5 Things Couples Should Not Deny Themselves Even During a Misunderstanding.

Marriage, as you may know; is not always filled with exciting moments - as there will be times you and your partner might run into a misunderstanding or fight due to the differences in opinions and perceptions of things. However, the actions you take during this disagreement will largely determine the level of connectivity, commitment, and mutual bond in the relationship. 

As I earlier enumerated, misunderstanding is bound to happen in any relationship, regardless; there are things couples should not deny each other in other not to prolong the squabble. As a married individual, there are certain rights you should not deny your partner even in the face of a misunderstanding in other not to push them to seek such denied satisfaction somewhere else which might be harmful to the relationship. See them below. 


Respecting your partner even in a state of disagreement is one phenomenon that might help restore harmonious living. I quite understand that there will be times you both will have a clash in opinion and perception of things, notwithstanding; it is still important to accord them their due respect. This includes the practice of being cautious of your words during an argument, tackling issues calmly, and taking initiative at things that concern your partner. 


Food is vital for the sustainability of life and growth. Denying your partner a good meal or money to prepare one; is an act that can be detrimental to the health of your relationship. Studies have revealed this to be among the root causes of most broken marriages today. Serving your partner their food in its best state is one act of generosity that will speedily turn their heart towards you in no distant time. 

Lovemaking or intimacy.

The practice of denying one’s partner the act of lovemaking is a trend that has been upheld by many people today as a tool for punishing their partner for their wrongs or noncompliance. Resorting to this practice might be detrimental to your relationship as it might prompt your partner to seek satisfaction somewhere else. As an individual who is faced with a misunderstanding with his or her partner, it becomes rational for you and your partner to reach a dialogue and settle amicably, rather than looking for a strong point to punish each other with. 


Regardless of your misunderstanding with your partner, it is still necessary you recognize their position and relevance in the family. Studies have shown that many people are quick to disrespect their partner on the ground of proving a point in an ongoing disagreement. There is no gainsaying that everyone wants to be respected by their partner, hence; they become resentful when they are treated otherwise. Being committed to your partner, despite your mutual misunderstanding is one attitude that will improve the quality of your relationship significantly. 

Financial Assistance.

One of the advantages of being in a romantic relationship is being supported by your partner in your time of need. Assisting your partner financially even in a misunderstanding is one gesture that will not only restore peace but will also improve the quality of your relationship and the bond you both share. Doing the contrary in helping your partner in their time of need despite your capability might amount to more strife and resentment in the relationship. 

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